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Well Water Filtration Systems
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The Iron Max-125 High Flow Well Water Filter
The Iron Max well water iron filter: Iron, hydrogen sulfide gas and manganese are Filtered with our Whole house Iron Water Filter. No chemicals to add. No routine maintenence. Improves the taste of your water and protects your fixtures.
Perfect for Whole House Filtration, Irrigation and Light Commercial Applications. For higher flow rate requirements The Iron Max-125 models can be plumbed in series to achieve higher flows. These well water treatment filters are designed to accommodate 1 1/4" to 1 1/2" PVC or Copper plumbing.
Well Water can contain the following elements: Clear Water Iron (Ferrous Type): Water that is clear when drawn but later turns reddish-brown when exposed to air. Causes reddish-brown stains on fixtures, dishes and laundry. Water turns brown-red in cooking or upon heating. Clothing becomes discolored when laundered. Usually darkens coffee, tea, and other beverages. Ferrous iron above 0.3 ppm causes staining, Precipitated Iron (Ferric Type): Water that is not clear when first drawn. Water containing small iron particles when immediately drawn. Causes reddish colored water with red particles settling to the bottom of a glass. Sometimes caused by iron pickup from old pipes where pH level is below 6.6. Manganese: Water that interacts with carbon dioxide or organic matter with manganese bearing soils. Usually found in combination with iron. Causes blackish staining of fixtures and laundry. Manganese content above 0.05 causes staining. Hydrogen Sulfide (Gas type): Dissolved hydrogen sulfide gas dissolved in raw water. Often present in iron bearing waters and low pH waters. Causes "Rotten Egg Odor" and/or tarnished silverware. Yellow/Black stains on fixtures. Discolors coffee, tea, and other beverages. Distorts appearance and taste of cooked foods. Hydrogen Sulfide Gas is evident when either the hot and/or cold water is drawn at all times of the day.
The Iron Max-125
No-Salt / No Chemical / No Maintenance
Iron, Manganese, Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Odor Filter
  • Removes 10ppm Iron ( Ferrous & Ferric), 5ppm Manganese & 3ppm Hydrogen Sulfide!
  • Prevents Staining on Bathroom & Kitchen Fixtures!
  • Prevents Staining on Dishes, Dishwasher, Washing Machine & Clothes!
  • Prevents " Rotten Egg Smell" (i.e. Hydrogen Sulfide).
  • Prevents bad tastes and odors!
  • No Salt or Chemicals to Add!
  • Higher Quality Drinking Water!
  • No Routine Service Expense!
  • Simple to Install - Connects to the Main Supply Line of your House!
  • Provides Excellent Grooming & Cosmetic Benefits!
  • Reduces Water Heating Costs!
  • Excellent for Plant + Flower Growth & Quality!
  • Prolongs the Life of Water Heaters - Icemakers - Dishwashers - Coffeemakers - Plumbing Fixtures!
  • Household Cleaning & Maintenance is Reduced!
  • Clothes are Brighter & Cleaner!
  • RainDance Water Systems can assist you in all of your water treatment needs. There's no need to go anywhere else. With over 80 years of combined experience in the water treatment business our support team can quickly & accurately answer all of your water filtration questions. Our resources include engineers and water treatment professionals which utilize virtually all known water treatment processes assuring our customers of the most economical, dependable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Our water treatment systems range from domestic residential households to large commercial and industrial operations.
  • RainDance Water Systems is committed to providing proven water treatment solutions that enable our customers to achieve their well and city water filtration needs. Our products, customer service, shipping ( We ship our systems complete and ready to plumb) and extensive customer database is second to none.
  • Our customers include numerous residential households on well and city water sources, commercial applications, business facilities and farms throughout the United States, Venezuela, Spain, Africa, Canada, Japan, U.K., Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Taiwan, Singapore, Kabul, Afghanistan, and Malaysia.
  • A small sample of our customer base includes: The U.S. Army, The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Federation, The United States Coast Guard, Washington St. National Park Service, San Diego State University, Arizona State University, Palomar College, Golden Eagle Thoroughbred Horse Farm, Buckridge Plantation and Stables, Advanced Marine PTE., Quinlan Texas Elementary School, Fairbanks Farms, Hunter Industries, Sonance Corp., Owens Brigam Medical, 1st Choice GMAC Realty, Century 21 Realty, Coldwell Banker Realty, Austin Productions, Fairfield Country Club, and Auer Precision Inc. Just to name a few.
  • We offer free shipping on all of our residential well water filters and include complete easy to read step by step installation instructions for the do-it-your-selfer, your local plumber or handyman.

Iron Max-125 Series Well Water Treatment
Whole House Filter, Irrigation and Light Commercial Applications

These are self-backwashing well water treatment systems that automatically clean it's filtration bed. This is accomplished with the electronic control valve that is mounted on top of the Iron Max-125. This valve is controlled by a timer, that on a regular interval, initiates the backwash cycle that cleans the bed of filtration media and resets it for the next period of filtration. T

This system connects to the main line of your home or business and filters all the incoming water to it. It requires a nearby power outlet for the control valve.

The filtration media used is a mixed blend of state of the art high capacity filtration media. This blend of high purity, high capacity filtration media is designed for hydrogen sulfide gas "rotten egg odor", iron and manganese removal. As well as bad tastes and odors.

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RainDance Water Systems customers include numerous commercial applications, residential households, business facilities and farms throughout the United States, Spain, Canada, Japan, U.K., Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia.
A small sample of our customer base includes: The United States Coast Guard, Washington St. National Park Service, San Diego State University, Palomar College, Quinlan Texas Elementary School, Hunter Industries, Sonance Corp., Owens Brigam Medical, 1st Choice GMAC Realty, Century 21 Realty, Coldwell Banker Realty, Austin Productions, Fairfield Country Club, and Auer Precision Inc. just to name a few.

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