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Membrane Cleaning Procedure
MSC P-10 Powdered Cleaner For Organics

1. Thoroughly clean solution tank on cleaning skid.
2. Install new cartridge or bag filters in the cleaning skid filter.
3. Fill the solution tank to the appropriate level with RO permeate water.
4. Mix MSC P-10, in the solution tank, at a ratio of 1pound to 25 gallons.
5. Recirculate the cleaning solution through the filters and back to the solution tank until cleaner is completely dissolved.
6. Heat the cleaning solution to the desired temperature.
7. Check solution pH. Proper range is 9.0 to 11.75. Cleaning efficiency is not pH dependent so pH adjustment is not required unless pH is above 11.75. PH may be lowered by adding small amounts of citric acid.
8. With the RO system still running, take a pH reading of the Permeate and Concentrate waters and log them for post-cleaning reference.
9. Shutdown the RO system and connect the cleaning skid to the first stage of the RO system.
10. Connect the Permeate return line to the cleaning skid and divert the Concentrate line to an appropriate drain.
11. Slowly begin pumping the cleaning solution into the first pass while watching the Concentrate going to drain. As soon as cleaning solution is evident in the Concentrate stream, shutdown the cleaning skid pump and connect the Concentrate return to the cleaning skid.
12. Restart the cleaning skid pump and set flows and pressures to the appropriate settings.
13. Recirculate the cleaning solution for 1 hour. If the solution is extremely dirty, mix a new batch.
14. Shutdown the cleaning skid pump and allow the cleaner to static soak for 30 minutes.
15. Restart the pump and recirculate the cleaning solution for an additional 30 minutes and then move on to clean additional stages.
16. Clean additional stages using steps 8 through 14. Periodically check the solution pH and adjust as required. If the solution becomes severely discolored and/or dirty, a new solution will be required to be mixed. If additional water is added to the solution tank, add one pound of MSC P-10 for every 25 gallons of water added.
17. After each stage has been cleaned, drain and rinse out the solution tank and fill with RO Permeate water.
18. Divert Concentrate and Permeate lines to an appropriate drain.
19. Start the cleaning skid pump and pump clean water through the first pass to drain. Continue rinsing until the Concentrate pH is the same as the Rinse water in the solution tank.
20. Rinse additional passes following steps 18 and 19.

If this is not the final procedure in a multi-procedure cleaning regimen, go on to the next cleaning procedure.

If this is the final procedure and you are ready to start up the RO system, divert the Concentrate and Permeate lines to an appropriate drain. Start up the RO and flush to drain for 20 to 30 minutes until the pH readings are similar to the readings taken prior to starting the cleaning regimen. Return the system to normal service.

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Reverse Osmosis Membrane Cleaners | Scale Inhibitors | E-Mail | PH: 1-877-788-8387  

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