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Photon energy produced by an ultraviolet (UV) light source is a powerful force with various applications in the field of water treatment. UV energy is transmitted in the form of light waves which appear on the electromagnetic spectrum between visible light and x-ray energy. Historically, UV technology has been most widely applied in the field of water treatment in the 254 nanometer (nm) wavelength for purposes of disinfection of water supplies. UV energy at 254 nm has been proven highly effective against bacteria as light energy interferes with the DNA structure of the organism, impairing its ability to reproduce. In addition to traditional disinfection applications, UV energy is also highly effective in breaking chemical bonds which bind molecules together. Therefore, UV energy is highly effective for destruction of organic compounds, ozone, chlorine, and chloramines within water supplies. Application of UV for destruction of these and various other compounds often found in water supplies is proliferating as proper UV light dosages and wavelengths are determined and empirically verified.

The use of UV for treatment of water supplies has several significant advantages over many other treatment technologies. Most notably, UV light energy does not add chemical compounds to the water supply which can impact taste, flavor, odor, color or pH of the water. Also, UV light energy does not generate harmful byproducts such as trihalomethanes (THMs) which are associated with the use of chlorine. Properly controlled light energy from UV systems is powerful, effective, fast-acting and environmentally friendly, particularly as compared to alternative water treatment technologies.

Dechlorination using UV light energy is one relatively new and exciting application of UV technology. Specifically, UV light applied at many times disinfection dosage has been proven to destroy free chlorine. UV light is also capable of destroying chloramine compounds, although the required dosage is significantly increased. The use of UV for dechlorination is particularly valuable for the electronics, pharmaceutical and beverage industries where bacterial control is imperative. UV dechlorination has several advantages over the use of activated carbon for dechlorination. First, bacterial colonization of activated carbon units is well documented and elimination of activated carbon units eliminates a significant venue for the growth of bacteria in a water system. Second, substituting UV dechlorination technology for activated carbon also affords the added benefit of a strong disinfection dosage during the dechlorination process. Disinfection of the water supply during the dechlorination process is a particularly valuable benefit where a downstream treatment unit such as a reverse osmosis processor is provided added protection from bio-fouling.

These high flow commercial/industrial UV sterilizers are designed for applications requiring a 99.9% reduction of bacteria and viruses.
RainDance Water Systems: UV Pricing & Information - UV Ultravioet systems provides treatment for flow rates of 10gpm to 40gpm delivering a 30 mJ/cm2 dose. Home owners can now take drinking water into their own hands & avoid the worry of Boil Water Advisories (BWA) that are constantly in the news. This system offers a compact water treatment solution with a small footprint for simple installation.The system has an electronic controller which comes equipped with a simple LED screen for visual management of the system's performance and ultimately simple troubleshooting. The controller offers constant current, universal input and full electrical certification. The UV reactor is manufactured with 304SS and comes with either combination inlet/outlet ports of 3/4”FNPT / 1”MNPT or 1” MNPT ports. The reactor has an axial flow design. These systems are suited for home or light-commerical type applications with constant flow demands. They are simple to install and maintain, allowing for a simple water solution!

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RainDance Water Systems can assist you in all of your water treatment needs. There's no need to go anywhere else. With over 80 years of combined experience in the water treatment business our support team can quickly & accurately answer all of your water filtration questions. Our resources include engineers and water treatment professionals which utilize virtually all known water treatment processes assuring our customers of the most economical, dependable, and environmentally friendly solutions. Our water treatment systems range from domestic residential households, light commercial, large commercial / industrial operations to membrane cleaners, scale inhibitors, and water treatment chemicals.

We offer a full spectrum of water treatment systems including reverse osmosis, emergency gas powered reverse osmosis systems, skid mount water treatment equipment, bottled water filtration, sea water desalination systems, ultraviolet disinfection, membrane cleaning chemicals and scale inhibitors.
Custom water treatment designing - We have the expertise to custom design any reverse osmosis and water treatment system to fit your application needs. Wall mounted, skid mounted, horizontal, vertical, diamond plate, stainless steel, portable, high pressure, low pressure. In most cases systems are pre-wired and pre-plumbed for easy installation. Complete export capabilities and installation available.
Home owners, Raindance Water Systems offers residential whole house water treatment for well and municipal water sources. Choose from our salt free water softeners, iron filters, uv systems, reverse osmosis, high efficiency water softeners, lead, heavy metal removal, chlorine and chemical filtration
Our customers include numerous commercial applications, residential households, business facilities and farms throughout the United States, Spain, Canada, Japan, U.K., Bahamas, Cayman Islands, Indonesia, Taiwan, and Malaysia.
A small sample of our customer base includes: The United States Coast Guard, Washington St. National Park Service, San Diego State University, Palomar College, Quinlan Texas Elementary School, Hunter Industries, Sonance Corp., Owens Brigam Medical, 1st Choice GMAC Realty, Century 21 Realty, Coldwell Banker Realty, Austin Productions, Fairfield Country Club, and Auer Precision Inc. just to name a few.

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